Something I believe to be beautiful
Helpful hint —
Throw out or donate one object a day. Clean out one shelf or drawer each week. In one year that's a lot of clutter that's been banished from your home.

Cabin John Organizing

Daily Money Manager
Home & Home Office Organizer
Melanie Patt-Corner
Montgomery County, Maryland

These are some of the services I've provided for my clients in the past few years:

Weekly bill paying: 
Including balancing checkbook, keeping track of finances and medical insurance; gathering and organizing materials for income taxes, paying estimated taxes and real estate taxes
Home Offices: 
Decluttering and organizing, including setting up filing systems, bill-paying areas, incoming-mail sorting areas, moving home office to another room
Entire house: 
Declutter entire home in preparation for redecorating or remodeling
Bedrooms and bathrooms: 
Decluttering and organizing clothes closets & linen cupboards
Decluttering years of accumulated stuff so houses can go on the market
Decluttering and organizing kitchen cupboards and pantries
Living Rooms: 
Decluttering and organizing, including magazine, book, and video collections
Children's playrooms and bedrooms: 
Decluttering and organizing clothes, schoolwork, and toys
Teens' bedrooms: 
Decluttering and organizing books, clothes, and music
Feng Shui: 
I am a student of Feng Shui and am learning how the art of Feng Shui can be applied to help with clearing clutter
Helping older clients downsize and move to assisted living